Project Grump!

Game Grumps

Welcome to my Game Grumps website. On this site you'll find a list of every game played by the Grumps with links to the video or playlist (or in some cases, the first video in a playthrough) for each game. I've split the series into 2 "seasons" for the main series (Game Grumps, Game Grumps VS, and Steam Train) due to changes in hosting duties (Jon leaving and Dan taking his place and Dan not being able to commit the time needed to Steam Train with Ross).

Also included on the page are short bios on the cast and some small facts about some of the main crew members.

You'll also find a community —or Lovelies— page where you can find links to various social media pages for the individual Grumps as well as the official pages for the group as a whole. I've also had Lovelies share stories about how they found the Grumps and what they would say to the Grumps if given the chance.

And finally, the Game Grumps Animated episodes that are so well loved among the fans. This page only includes the official Animated episodes that have been posted to the official channel. There are many many more animations that can easily be found on YouTube by simply searching for "Game Grumps animated."

So... enjoy the page. I decided to put this page together because I'd seen many other people that wanted a list of the games, in order from oldest to newest, that was easy to navigate. Many people directed these fans to the Wikipedia page where there is an up to date list of games, but then the person would have to do a search for the video on YouTube. I cut out the searching and made lists that are easy to search and are easy to get to the video you want to see. I've spent many many sleepless nights to make this a reality. Lots of love went into the design... making sure it kept true to the style that the Game Grumps tend to have. I really hope you find this page easy to use. And if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or things that should be included, contact me via the link below... I'd love feedback!