Places to go for Game Grumps community pages

Social Media!

All of the cast of the Game Grumps have their own social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter (some have Facebook pages, but those tend to mostly be personal accounts, so they are not included here). There are also Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for the Game Grumps as a collective, which are below. Sometimes they will have "takeovers" by individual members of the cast or crew where each individual person can give a look into their daily lives and show things that they particularly love.

Game Grumps social media pages

Game Grumps cast social media

Community Pages!

There are many resources and pages online where Lovelies can meet up and talk about many different things, from the newest video to random daily life topics. These pages are not run by the Game Grumps, and sometimes the topics can be fairly age sensitive. Discretion is advised and please be aware that there are trolls on these pages who live just to see people angry or uncomfortable. The internet can be a wonderful place to meet friends, but it can also be a horrible place where people just want to see how far they can push you. There are moderators on these pages, but they will not and do not remove all posts that are considered inappropriate. The following are just a couple of pages that are the most popular.

Community Member Stories

I had the wonderful opportunity to collect a sample of stories from a group of Lovelies about how they came to be part of the Grumps' community of fans and what they would say to the Grumps if they could say anything. The following link leads to a sampling of those stories (I could not include all of them as there were quite a few).

Lovelies Stories