Stories from Lovelies!

What originally drew you to the Game Grumps? Why do you continue watching?

My ex introduced me to Game Grumps. I guess the animated series really drew me in. I continue watching because they are really the only thing that can actually make me happy, smile, and laugh.

Arin and John separately, I watched both their channels before they got the Game Grumps started. It was a dream to see them join together and bring laughter everyday to people on the YouTube. It could not have started better in my opinion and how it has developed and how it has changed with add new Grumps just shows you how amazing they truly are.

I saw a video of a related project and clicked out of curiosity. I stay because of the honest humanity of the show; there is absolute transparency into the minds and feelings of genuine human beings.

I originally watched them play Cards against Humanity, before I even really new who they were. My husband showed me one of their videos, and I fell in love. I watch them every day because no matter what, even on my worst days, they give me something to laugh at.

I fucking love Dan tbh, but they are all super funny people and I love the way they never take anything too seriously unless it's something that merits being serious, and even then they inject humour (but in a tasteful way). I was originally drawn to the Grumps by their one-offs (hot damn, those are funny), but now I watch almost every episode. Plus, they always make me happy when I feel shitty and they helped me through a crazy breakdown I had once upon a time, because they were easy and familiar, like family.

Arin Hanson. I watched his animation on Newgrounds and Youtube. At first when Game Grumps launched I didn't really get into it, I just watched some episodes when things went crazy. When Dan joined the vibe shifted, and a more balanced show emerged. I continue watching for that reason; Arin and Dan are so balanced together. Arin can react and rage at the game, and Dan can tell stories and contextualize Arin's outrage. The comedy born from that is amazing and varied. And those roles are pretty fluid so you never know exactly how an episode will turn out. But the overall tone is still always intact, which is that beautiful friendship and silly absurd comedy.

I always found the sound of Dans voice soothing. Whether it be in song or speaking, he made me feel safe. And his stark contrast to Arin's harsh nature always brings a smile to my face.

I was a fan of Jontron, and thought I'd give it a shot. I stopped watching for a bit when Danny arrived, but I randomly just watched the Dennis the Menace episode, and I just fell in love with the Game Grumps. I just love the humour, it's a guilty pleasure let's call it.

My friend told me about the Grumps when they first started Sonic 06, and from then on I was completely hooked. Their humor and personalities really kept me interested, and that interest grew immensely when Dan joined. Now they're my main source of entertainment on YouTube; I don't watch TV anymore all because of the Grumps and the type of entertainment they provide.

I saw one of their Wind Waker episodes on my recommended page on YouTube and it looked cute and funny so I clicked and I was not disappointed. It was hilarious and the chemistry between Arin and Dan is amazing. They are one of the best comedic duos and everyday I hope to see them and get to see them live.

Egoraptor – I was a big fan of his animation and then I was told about Game Grumps. My sister and I both love their conversational humor, and we use it with each other. I love that her and I can relate with it; I say a quote and she'll complete it :)

Originally I was just looking for videos on some older games I used to enjoy playing back in the old NES days. I was drawn into the Grumps when I heard their humor and stories they'd tell, rather than just game commentary. It was like playing games at a friend's house again.

I found it looking for gameplay videos. I had no idea who Jon and Arin were at the time, and I loved them (and everyone else there) right away. I keep watching not so much for the gameplay anymore, even if it's hilarious. Just... Dan and Arin's charisma is so big and I feel like I'm talking to them (or they're talking to me).I keep watching because it makes me happy, and if I could meet any group of people on Earth, I'd meet them.

A friend told me about them and, to be honest, I wasn't hooked at first. I went ahead and subscribed anyway. Then a few weeks later I noticed they uploaded the first episode of Wind Waker, I got excited and watched it, and was immediately hooked. I continue watching because they're funny, interesting, humble, and great people that I can connect with on so many levels, despite never actually meeting them. I think I speak for all Lovelies when I say that Dan and Arin are our friends, even though most of them have no idea who we are. They're about as genuine as anyone, despite all their success and fame.

At first, I watched it because I was fan of JonTron since year 1, I noticed that the show is different and stood out so much. At the time, I moved to different high school. I'm good at meeting new people and all, but my anxiety was such a HUGE pain because of that. The show was the thing I was super happy to get home to and watch under my blanket after I cried. That year also happened to be a troublesome year... like we were suffering from all different things, and they would go and other troubles would come but guess what... that show was there to calm me down EVERY SINGLE DAY. I grew up without a dad-like figure and I never had someone to look up to or to learn from. When they – mostly Dan – talk about life and how a lot of things was shit for them too, and when they share their – again mostly Dan – wisdom and teach us things, my heart warms up because I have no one else telling me "it's gonna be ok after this" type of thing. Let me put it in this way... Game Grumps is the cherry on top of my day... and that day mostly is shitty.

When my brother lived with me, he used to watch Game Grumps (along with other youtubers) on a daily basis, and I got interested so I watched some videos. Now I stick around because I love those two knuckleheads.

I liked a lot of Arin's older work (like the Awesome series and Sequelitis) back in his Newground days, and when I heard he was doing a gaming channel, I became even more interested. On the plus side, I ended up learning more about and liking a lot of Jon's stuff before and after he left the grumps. It is also an experience to watch content created by Ross, Danny, Arin, Barry, and Suzy :)

About a year and a half ago, I was browsing through my recommendations on YouTube, where I saw the Grump's video on M&M's Beach Party. It was funny as hell and kept watching them. I continue to watch these guys cause they're almost never involved in some shady shit that's happening on YouTube (Scarce has mentioned them like once). They are genuinely nice people and funny comedians. They almost never fail to make me laugh or brighten up a shitty day. They're also in their own thing as well. Danny's the lead in NinjaSexParty and Arin's an animator as well as lead in Starbomb. They've got even more funny shit to make me laugh. And Dan's hot.

If you could say anything to the Grumps, what would it be?

Thank you for putting a smile on my face and helping me through the bad shit in my life. And thank you for being so inspiring and being just amazing role models (and that's not sarcastic pls trust me). You guys are super fucking funny and wonderful people in general so I wish you the best of luck for the future.

Thank you so much for everything you do. You guys are the best. Danny and Arin, thank you for making me rage at the same time as the Game Grumps. Thank you for making me understand games more than I did. Barry, Ross, Suzy, and Brian, thank you for making Steam Train and Table Flip an enjoyable thing to experience. When I say this I think I speak for all of the Grump fans, we love you and thank you.

Instead of saying anything I think I would hyperventilate and collapse on the floor because they are just that cool. Also I would ask them to play Kingdom Hearts.

I'm sure they get this a lot from fan meetings and such, but I would say that the community they've created has helped so many people in so many ways. As much as they hear the love of the community towards them, I feel that doesn't even scratch the surface of how many people's lives they changed. So all I can say is "Thank you."

You guys, and I mean all of you even remotely involved in Game Grumps, bring so much positivity to the lives of all your viewers; you have, and are, an inspiration and a triumph of spirit. I want you to know, as a fan, that your fans really care about you. You work so hard; I wish we could all come together and give you some time off. You deserve just as much respite as you have given us.

Thank you for always making me laugh, and thank you for helping me through some really tough parts of my life. I know one day, y'all will stop making videos, but when that day comes, at least I will always have your videos.

I would just tell them that they are the best thing to happen to me, and they never fail to make me happy, or pull me out of a rough patch. I love them so much and I wish that I could meet them (I'd probably cry... or scream like a twelve year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert), but being in New Zealand really throws a spanner in the works there. Oh also ROCK FUCK!

Thank you so much! Not only have you been tremendously inspirational for me professionally as a video game developer and writer, but also personally. I have gone through pretty tough times trying to cope with some heavy shit the last couple of years. You guys always make me laugh and feel that whatever pain I feel now, is worth it in the long run. Every day becomes a whole lot lighter after an episode or listening to some sweet jams from Ninja Sex Party, Starbomb and TWRP. As role models you are pretty much perfect. Never stop being who you are, and thank you for all the good times. Love you!

The world is an unfair place. Every single day for the past 4 years I've opened the doors of my house for you, I've let you in, I've listened to your stories, to your jokes and to your raging fits. Every single day! You've become a part of my life. I've probably spent more time "sitting" on that couch with you than many, many of my closest friends... And yet you have no idea I exist. I can't tell you my stories even though I've listened to all of yours, I can't scream at you when you're being asses on the game or tell you a joke that would for sure make you laugh. I'm stuck on the recieving end and when that video finishes I'm teleported from your couch back to my desk. It must hurt you too, not being able to personally connect to every single lovely but it's impossible. I just want to say that I hate the impossibility of us ever meeting and that even though we've never shared the same phisical space, you guys are some of my best friends. Thank you for everything.

You guys helped me stay happy at the really dark points in my life. I came out of an abusive relationship where I was raped and broken, but you two reminded me that our experiences are gonna suck sometimes (understatement, I know) but life goes on and becomes a happy and funny place. Thank you guys so much, I love you all. <3

Thank you. For everything. Please keep doing what you do, and don't ever stop. Dan, keep being this ball of awesomeness and cuteness. Arin, keep being this ball of grumpyness and goodness. (Also, please come to Brazil?)

Barry, my mom said it's cool if you want to come over after school. She already called your mom. Also she wont be home so we can eat all the doritos we want and watch DBZ! Also tell Arin to get better at video games.

I would just tell them to keep doing what they do. Personally, I probably wouldn't tell them how much they really mean to me, because I'm sure they get sick of hearing it from every single fan (probably not really, but I would just want to treat them like the normal human beings they are). But these guys have helped me more than they will ever realize. And I know I am not the only one they've helped. I've been depressed for some time now (even though I have not been professionally diagnosed). Every day I get home from work or school, I grab something to eat and watch the daily episodes of Game Grumps. It's become a daily ritual for me, and I find myself wishing there was more to watch. These guys put me in a good mood when I've had a horrible day. Depression is a roller coaster. There's the high points, then there's the really low points. At those low points, my safe haven is Game Grumps. Hearing from them that they've gone through very similar experiences is comforting. Hearing them talk about their struggles helped me realize I am not alone, and that things will get better. My dream is to be a professional musician, and I've heard from so many people that it's impossible, or really hard to actually make a living off of, and I understand that. But seeing Dan and Arin become successful after all their struggles and failures helps me feel like there is hope. Hearing their encouragement and their words make me strong. I will never give up, and the Game Grumps are a part of that reason.

Thank you for making me laugh, calming my anxiety, telling me how to love myself and do what makes me happy, for shearing your life that became super inspirational to me, making me feel good, and mostly teaching me that everything is gonna be ok one day and to never give up.

Y'all do some really quality Youtube videos. Good shit, guys, real good shit. Also, Ross, I need your autograph... as well as Brian's and Danny's...and maybe Arin's....maybe.

Thank you for sharing all those stories with us, its really is weird to know that I feel so connected with you but maybe we would never meet each other, so I want you to know that I'll be always wishing you guys best and will support you in every way I can. I hope someday you play some of my games on your show (I'm an Indie game dev) and maybe work together... that is one of my dreams.

These are not ALL of the stories and things I was sent... they are just a handful of the many many things that people had to say. Thank you to those that participated and shared with me.